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Broadwell village, which in the early 21st century was a small rural settlement of around 45 houses, lies some 5 miles (8 km) south of the former market town of Burford, and 7½ miles (12 km) south-west of Witney.  The parish's name implies that Broadwell was the primary focus of the 11th-century estate, and the village retains a medieval parish church of some size and importance, adjoining an abandoned medieval manorial site. Nevertheless, by the late 13th century Filkins was almost as populous, and by the later Middle Ages had overtaken Broadwell, remaining the larger (and apparently the wealthier) settlement thereafter: in contrast to Filkins, with its prosperous yeoman and gentry houses, Broadwell has few domestic buildings of note, other than the former vicarage house (now Finial House) and the early 19th-century Manor Farm near the church. The township's boundaries with Filkins, established apparently at inclosure in 1776, are described above; elsewhere its boundaries were those of the ancient parish.

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